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"Sage has done a great job of organizing the Family March for Black Lives. I love working with her."- Sis from MD

"Sage is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. She cares deeply about justice and is an incredibly creative thinker. She brings light to groups she is a part of."

"Sage is a creative connecter and visionary. She infuses creativity and cultural celebration in everything she does. As a collaborator, she is open and encourages full participation from everyone involved. Sage always has a great idea or a way to make your vision and/ or event richer and more relevant."

"Sage is a joy to work with. A visionary leader in her own right with a deep and abiding love for community engagement."

"Sage was a valued collaborator and colleague at the Smithsonian Institution. When you work with Sage, she focuses on youth and justice in a way that few others do. But one of the things that I found so unique about working with Sage is the emphasis she placed on the collaborative process. Sage makes an effort to know each of her collaborators and students as their whole selves, not just as producers in the process, and that makes a key difference in any working relationship. She truly values what each individual brings to the collaboration, and I would work with her again and over."

"Sage is an amazing collaborator and a powerful voice. Though we never worked at the same institution, but rather together in a community of practice, I could always count on Sage to push our collective thinking and bring big ideas to the table - always grounded in justice and equity."

"Sage is a very skilled and gifted event planner. She truly brings a lens of equity into planning big and small events. She also ensures that the process and outcome is rooted in joy. She goes above and beyond expectations and has a heart of gold."

Sage is passionate about bringing inclusive educational programs to museum visitors of all ages and is tireless in her efforts to ensure a wide variety of perspectives and experiences are reflected in all of the museum's content.

"Sage brings passion, creativity, and a unique perspective to all of her projects. She leaves an indelible mark wherever she goes and is a joy to work with!"

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